We Got To Go Tool Shopping For Our Third Week of Giving! October 22, 2020

Right inside our business plan is a written obligation to give part of our profits back to the community. This is us acting on that promise.

Our third and final week of our Three Weeks of Giving Campaign is to the Kamloops Makerspace. We had the pleasure of delivering some much needed tools and funding to the Makerspace.

The Kamloops Makerspace is a non-for-profit membership based group where enthusiasts and hobbyists come to practice their woodworking, shaping, crafting, fabricating, hacking, cooking, designing, and even lounging! Their space at 207 Victoria Street was built in 1900 as a post office, known to many as the old Federal Building, and is the last standing building on Kamloops’ first street.

Members have access to a variety of workspaces including a kitchen, lounge, hack room, electronics lab. metal shop, wood shop, clay space, design lab, and craftorium. The Makerspace is also known to put on many workshops for newcomers and non-members.

It was our pleasure to present to members Vaughn and Nicholas a band saw and a sliding compound miter saw for the workshop as well as some additional funding for the completion of the dust collection system and LED lighting that will be added to the outside of the building.

To make a donation or become a member of the Kamloops Makerspace. click here.

Thank you to the Exceed team for making this possible! Gabe Torchia, Malkolm Alburquenque, John Linton, Christan Beharrell, Jakub Kusenda, Joshua Laye, and newest member of our team, Joshua Rankin.